Characteristics Of A Faithful Servant Of God

How do you know if you have the Characteristics Of A Faithful Servant Of God faithful ? The characteristics of a faithful servant of God is clearly outlined in the bible. But are we obedient enough to doing what is required of us as Christians. Here are a few tips of a faithful christian. Practice …

protection on vacation

Hotel Safety Tips You Should Be Aware Of

Hotel safety tips you should be aware of when travelling, travelling can be fun but you cannot let your guard down. It is amazing how much people throw away all the safety rules they would normally practice, whenever they are in a hotel. Travelling makes you a happier person Hotel travel safety tips you should be …

Identify your purpose

What Is Your Purpose in Life

Knowing what is your purpose in life is very important to have a successful life. What gives you the boost to get out of bed in the mornings? What is your passion? If you do not know your purpose, you will be busy doing nothing. “The purpose of life is to live it, to taste …

self improvement

Personal Development is a Journey

  Personal development is a journey (not a destination), is all about improving your life every day.  Moreover improving our lives should be our first priority Personal development is all about improving your skills, financial growth, spiritual enlightenment and physical growth. Besides the importance of personal growth cannot be stressed enough. In fact,each day we …

Picture of Moon Palace Hotel, Jamaica Jerk hut

Best all inclusive hotel in Jamaica

Best all inclusive hotel in Jamaica. Ocho Rios, Jamaica is a great place to vacation; Moon Palace all inclusive resort is one of the reasons for this. As an all inclusive resort  , Moon palace is one of the best, I have ever been to. How nice, i got a nice jelly coconut to drink …

Hilton rose hall resort and spa

Hilton Rose Hall Resort & Spa

Hilton Rose Hall Resort & Spa in Montego Bay, Jamaica is a great hotel for the family. When you enter the property it is very inviting, you are greeted with a someone ready to take your bags and a bright seating area. It is a great all-inclusive hotel. So one of the main reasons why …

YS falls

YS falls, Jamaica

I had a wonderful day at YS Falls in Jamaica a couple of days a go. I had gone there before with a group from church but this time it was just me and hubby. We had a wonderful day.   Location YS falls is located in Saint Elizabeth, Jamaica. Parking We parked in the …

Fear the dream killer

Fear The Dream Killer

We have hopes and dreams that we hope to achieve one day but there is something holding us back. Each time we try to step forward we start to second guess ourselves and then we are stuck again. The thing that is holding us back is the biggest dream killer fear.  You gain strength, courage, …


My Thoughts On Lent

Beginning of lent Lent begins on ash Wednesday and ends holy thursday,it last for 40 days. However it is mostly observed by catholics and some other churches, not all denomination place much emphasis on lent. Christians who observe lent normally do a lot of fasting and praying,the main thing they would generally give up is …