tips to cope with the holiday blues

11 tips to cope with the holiday blues

 Here are 11 tips to cope with the holiday.

It is a proven fact that people get more depressed during the holidays. I believe depression will occur more often during the Christmas holidays because of the magnitude of the holiday.

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This will happen because so much more is expected during the Christmas holidays. We need lots more money to spend because we need to fix up the house, purchase presents and we need new clothes for all the events we are invited to….depression comes on when we feel as if we cannot meet all these expectations.

How to deal with the christmas holidays when you are lonely
Holiday Blues

Let us face reality unless we are very rich we will not be able to meet all those expectations; so we start feeling inadequate. If we are realistic then we will not feel so depressed. Here are 11 tips to cope with the holiday. These tips will help you to cope with this stressful period.

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Keep your finances intact:

  • Make a budget and stick to it. At this time of year, it is easy for us to go overboard with our spending. Make your shopping list and stick to it, do not be distracted when you go to the mall, purchase what you need. Some sales are not worth it ; don’t just buy it because it is on sale, be smart. If you cannot afford it leave it alone.


  • Do not overspend on gifts, give what you can afford. Do not compare what you can give to what others have given. Be happy that you could have given. If you cannot afford to buy a gift, make one or tell persons how much you love and appreciate them. Do not beat around the bush and act as if you had forgotten to buy a gift; when you could not afford to buy one, be truthful you will feel better

Give thanks for what you have

There is no such thing as perfection, be happy with what you have. When we put our expectations too high and we cannot reach it then we are going to get depressed.


Make a decision either you paint inside the house or outside if you cannot afford both, ok, you’ve made the decision to paint outside and now you are stressing about inside, be realistic.


I can only paint outside my house this year, I am so happy. So I keep looking at my newly painted house and feel the joy. I can choose to be happy with what I have or dwell on what I don’t have, I choose to be happy. Some persons cannot afford to paint at all.  No matter how bad your situation is there is always something to be thankful for. Give Thanks!Can money make you happy?

Christmas holidays stress
Christmas holiday stress

Plan ahead

  • If you do not plan ahead of time you will feel overwhelmed. Going shopping make a list, cooking for the big day, start preparing from the night before. No matter what you are doing plan ahead. The roads are always congested during the holidays; plan your route carefully. I don’t know about you but I hate traffic jam. Plan ahead and you will be less stressed.

Do not be afraid to ask for help

  • We are not superhuman; we cannot do everything. Delegate responsibilities or else you are going be one tired, overworked, stressed out individual. Get help and you will enjoy the holidays.
  • If you are cooking the holiday dinner, ask others to prepare something to take, this will make your life so much easier.

Focus on what matter

  • Especially around Christmas time, we tend to focus on material things so much, we easily forget what is important: spending quality time with family and friends is what should be our main focus, everything else comes second. Just remember that and everything will fall into place.


  • Being alone is not good for you during the holidays. If you have no family to hang out with, hang out with your friends and if you have no friends, just go somewhere where other persons are. When you are out and about it is less likely that you will feel depressed. Do something that you love.
  • Some holidays I like to be alone; I enjoy it; if being alone makes you happy then do it, enjoy your own company. This tip will help you to cope with the holiday.
How to deal with the holidays when you have lost a loved one
Loss of a loved one


  • It is so much harder during the holidays to deal with the loss of a loved one, whether by death, divorce or breakup. Memories will come flooding in, deal with your feelings do not shy away from them and surround yourself with positive people. Please do not be alone, go around people who will make you laugh; laughter is good for the soul.

Avoiding certain people 

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  • Do you have one or two family members that you dread being around because they are so negative and rude? Don’t let because of them you do not go to family gatherings, just avoid them without being too obvious; try to stay as far away from them as possible. If you cannot avoid them totally, be polite and go to a happy place in your mind and block them out, and get away as soon as possible.


  • Volunteering during the holidays is always a good idea. When you go and help out the less fortunate you will feel so fulfilled. Go feed, give a little token, spend quality time with the less fortunate. There are lots of children’s homes and adult care facilities that would welcome the help, just check around. looking out for others; this is what the Christmas season is really about.


  • I can remember one holiday I took some children from my church to visit a boy’s home, we brought gifts and played games with them. It was such a joy to see how happy they were when they got their gifts. 

Stop trying to please everyone

  • It is not possible to please everyone. Plain and simple learn to say no. You cannot go to every party, you cannot help everyone and you cannot buy everyone gifts. Know your limit and do not be afraid to say no.

Love yourself

  •   learn to love and appreciate yourself. Take time to pamper you, rest and rejuvenate. Remember to do something just for you during the holidays; it is so easy to forget about you.

Follow these 11 tips to cope with the holidays and it will help you to have a great holiday. If you are feeling sad, have no interest in activities you used to love, tired all the time, sleep a lot, good for nothing, cries for nothing; those are some of the signs of depression if you are always feeling this way seek professional help.

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