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5 Tips On How To Be happy About Life

Tips on how to live a happy life

5 tips on how to be happy about life. Being high-spirited about life is not always easy. If you are not passionate about life it will be very hard for you to find happiness.

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How often have you thought about your life, thinking about what could have been; if you had done things differently.

However, no use crying over spill milk; you just have to figure out a way to be contented with your circumstances.

 5 tips on how to be happy about life.

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Make your life happy

For instance, our environment plays a big role in how happy we are. If we are always around sad people; then you will be sad too. I have sad times too but do I stay sad all the time; heck no. Some of us always feel sorry for ourselves.

Everyone deals with disappointment in their lives at some time or another; see the good in every situation

Friendships play a great role in the quality of life we live. Choose friends with positive influences, who will motivate you and comfort you in a sad time. Friends will also help to boost your confidence by being your cheerleader.

Moreover, friends should be able to tell us when we are wrong. Choose friends who are going in the same direction you are headed.The Link between Friends and Happiness

True friends will be there for you no matter what, make sure your friends keep you smiling.

Laughter is good for a cheerful spirit

Life is about finding a balance between the sad and the good times. When problems come, deal with it and move on.

5 tips on how to be happy about life
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Stay away from these situations in life

Toxic people:

  1. always negative
  2. see the bad in every situation
  3. love to see people hurting
  4. tear down people (always speaking badly about somebody)
  5. thrives on confrontation
Enjoy these favorable situations

cheerful people

  1. always positive (you know that friend who always sees the good in everything; even though you can’t)
  2. building up somebody every chance you get
  3. stay away from confrontation
  4. only offers constructive criticism
  5. doesn’t thrive on gossip
  6. always trying to improve their lives

Forgiveness is beneficial to a joyful life

However, unforgiveness will tear your heart out. When you cannot forgive others it will make you sick. I remember there was a time in my life when someone had done me wrong, I was so mad. whenever I saw them I felt like my heart was going to jump out of my body. That is when I really realized that forgiveness is more for me than the person who had hurt me. For your own peace of mind; find a way to let it go and move on.

Forgiving ourselves

In addition to forgiving others, let us not forget ourselves. I am so hard on”me” when it comes to forgiveness. I will tell myself that I should have known better. And cannot reconcile to the fact that Christ has forgiven me; so I need to let it go and move.

As a result of living in the past, we can’t move forward. Our life will be stagnant, if there is no growth, we will not be happy. We will not enjoy life to the fullest.

Tips to forgive

  1. acknowledge that you are hurt
  2. go through your emotions (hurt, anger, disbelief)
  3. pray and ask the Lord to help you to forgive (we cannot forgive of ourselves, we need a divine intervention)
  4. know that forgiveness is for your peace of mind
  5. make the effort to forgive (if you can talk to the person; do it, if not find a way to let it go)
Keys to happiness
Happiness key
Moreover, when we do not forgive it can be detrimental to our health, Do it for you!!
It’s not an easy journey, to get to a place where you forgive people. But it is such a powerful place, because it frees you. Tyler Perry

Studies about how forgiveness can improve your health

We need to practice these tips on how to be passionate about our lives so that we can live contented lives.

Find your purpose to have a contented life

For instance, when you figure out what you were put on this earth to do, then you will be a happier person.  Finding out what is it that God put you on this earth to do is very important in regards to your happiness. Tips to find your passion: What Is Your Purpose in Life

  1. explore the things you like to do
  2. follow your heart
  3. what do you want to get out life
  4. what are your hobbies

Money should not be the key component when you are searching for your purpose. Also, your life purpose does not have to be your job, it can be what you do part-time. I strongly believe that we should find our career part out of what we are passionate about. Having money will not guarantee your happiness that is why it is not included in my 5 tips on how to be happy about life.

In fact, a lot of us are slaves to money, so we would prefer to have lots of money then choose a career we love. Our jobs have a great deal to do with why we are so unhappy in our lives. Do not get me wrong; we need money to survive in these harsh times but do not let money dictate what you do in life.

Money never makes anyone happy. Can money make you happy?

happiness is key

Love God and have a happy life

Moreover, when you truly love God and follow his commandments you will be a much happier person. Having a great relationship with Christ will help you to live a more peaceful and contented life. The cares of this world will not get you down because you know in whom you trust. Characteristics Of A Faithful Servant Of God

For instance, when you have a close relationship with Jesus you handle your problems in a different way because you will cast all your cares upon Jesus.

Guess what whether you are a Christian or not life happens and you have to deal with it. Children of God know that no matter what we are going true; there is a reason for it. I always say figure out the lesson and learn from it.

And also, we will ask God to lead in our lives, we would make sure to consult God in all our life decisions such as choosing a career, spouse, friends… When we love God we will

  1. pray before making any decision
  2. make sure whatever we decide lines up with the word of God
  3. do God’s will

Give Back

Helping others is always a great way to feel better about yourself. There is always somebody who is in need of some assistance. 

Volunteer at a 

  1. soup kitchen
  2. children home
  3. elderly care facility
  4. homeless shelter

There is always some elderly or disabled persons in your community that needs their house to be clean, hair to comb and some washing to be done…..

Give some food to that homeless person you always pass on your way going home. Trust me no matter how hard you think your life is, there is someone who has it ten times harder than you.

Furthermore, gratitude is a good trait to have, it makes you a more joyful person. Practice these 5 tips about how to be passionate about life.


Finally, let us remember to put God first in our lives. Also, be contented with your life. Nothing is wrong in wanting more for yourself, but do not be too hard on yourself, while you try to improve your life.

Another thing go out and have some fun

Equally important, do not compare your self to others. Keep the focus on you; where you want to go and how to get there.

Furthermore, make sure to take care of your health, wear nice clothes, groom your hair

likewise never go out in public not looking put together

It is easier for you to feel good when you look good. So please let these 5 tips on how to be happy about life become a part of your daily life.

Likewise, remember that happiness is a choice.

Choose happy habits.



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    You have the right idea. Sometimes we all just think about the bad times that we go through that we can’t enjoy the good. Life happens so I always say to make the must of all that God gives you.

    1. Avatar

      We need to ask God to give us the strength to deal with failures. Also, we must find the positive in everything, no matter how bad it gets

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