Getting Rid Of bees from my home

Bees Are Taking Over My Home!!

Bees are taking over my home

How would you feel if bees started taking over your home? I started thinking about this after my husband had to get someone to get rid of some bees for a friend.

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I was thinking to myself why can’t my husband just get rid of the bees but I underestimated the number of bees that were there. They were in the wall!!

Just imagine bees taking over your home to the point where you had to keep all the windows and doors closed.

Personal Experience

I have a couple of bees around my house and sometimes I will close my widows if I see them flying around.

However, I remember a couple of years back there were quite a few bees in my home. And a gentleman lights a piece of newspaper and used it to kill them(the fire killed them). But I do not think that would have worked with the number of bees that was at my husband friend’s home, not only that they were in the wall.

Removing Bees From your home

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Honey Bee

If you are going to try to remove bees from your home make sure you are well covered up, make sure to spray the bees with insect spray from overnight. Then the next day you make sure they are all dead; if they are not, spray again. However, once the bees dead remove the hive because the honey or wax melting can damage your wood or concrete walls. 


But if they have formed a nest in the wall you need to call the professionals. Here is a video of the professional my husband called to get rid of the bees. It was no easy task, they had to cut out the wall to get to the bees because the professional said they needed to find the Queen Bee so that he could get the other bees under control. He had to come back for 2 days and he is not finished as yet. For further information on that

It is just a short video of the professional and the bees. Bees were taking over this home!! Not a professional video


Also, the wasps resemble the bees but they are the dangerous ones.

Honey is so nice, but you see what you professionals have to go through to get the honey. Lots of Stings!!

Different Types Of Bees.

  • Bumble: Aggressive only when you disturb them
  • Carpenter: Oval-shaped bees that can multiply a lot and harmful to your wood surface
  • Honey: You will have to take a little sting to get the honey, their nest will have thousands of workers. Builds honeycomb out of wax.

Honey has so much beneficial use, I would not want the bees not to exist. I just do not want any sting.

Here are some benefits of honey

  • Honey contains no fiber, fat or protein
  • Rich in antioxidants
  • Very helpful when it comes on to a cough Natural remedies for a cough 
  • It helps reduce the risk of heart attacks, strokes, and some cancers.
  • Also a great natural sweetener
  • And it also helps to keep your cholesterol under control.
Queen Bee Hive


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