spring cleaning tips

Spring Cleaning Tips

The boxes and items in your garage will tend to build up dust rapidly. Because of dirt blowing in from outside, and a large door leading directly to the outside elements, you will need to be vigilant about dusting. Spring cleaning is a great time to run a micro-fiber cloth over everything that is exposed. You may need several cloths, as they will fill up with dust rather quickly.

Getting Rid Of bees from my home

Bees Are Taking Over My Home!!

Bees are taking over my home How would you feel if bees started taking over your home? I started thinking about this after my husband had to get someone to get rid of some bees for a friend. I was thinking to myself why can’t my husband just get rid of the bees but I …

clutter free

Ways to Increase Storage

Ways to increase storage is always an issue. When you have enough storage this helps to keep your home neat and tidy. I looked at a lot of storage tips. So here are some of the ideas I gathered. Crown Molding     This hack will work best with heels. I love this Bed with …

household vinegar

Household Vinegar ( cleaning hacks)

¬†Household Vinegar (cleaning hacks) Household Vinegar( cleaning hacks) has so much use around the house but it is not being used most of the time. First of all, it is very affordable and it can be used to clean from your bathroom to your kitchen. I like it for cleaning because it is not as …