Solutions to everyday problems. Home life can be very stressful at times. So we must find ways to make our chores easier. Everyone loves a clean home but there are just some things we do not enjoy doing, so i will be looking for some shortcuts to share with you. Life hacks is what makes our lives easier.

Especially when you are a working mom it can be overwhelming; no worries we will find solutions to make your life that much easier. So the life hacks i will share with you, i have used some of them for years , some i have just started using, and some we will try together.

Who know, i might drop some  decorating ideas as well. Come along on this journey with me, who knows what surprises you might find. Imight touch on a little gardening, or great furnitures to purchase. some do it your self ideas(diys). Who knows?

spring cleaning tips

Spring Cleaning Tips

The boxes and items in your garage will tend to build up dust rapidly. Because of dirt blowing in from outside, and a large door leading directly to the outside elements, you will need to be vigilant about dusting. Spring cleaning is a great time to run a micro-fiber cloth over everything that is exposed. You may need several cloths, as they will fill up with dust rather quickly.