Vegetarian recipes

I have been a vegetarian for a couple of years and i know the challenge to come up with recipes, especially when you are just starting out. I will be sharing recipes that vegan and vegetarian can use. So there is no reason for us to have bland and unattractive meals just because we do not eat meat. Some of us do not take dairy while some of us do, so  i will share both type of recipes.

I know time is a big factor so i will share ideas that take a short time to prepare and i will share those elaborate ideas as well! Also i will share vegetarian dishes that your children will enjoy. Getting the kids to eat food with out meat can be hard(especially if they used to eat it before).

Affordability is always a concern for people who are just making the change, so i will make sure to give you some cheap ideas. Being a vegetarian we can have exciting desserts as well; i will share those too. So come along as we try new dishes and still continue using the ones we are used to.



vegetarian stew(Jamaican Style)

Vegetarian Stew

I love me some stew, this has become one of the staple dishes on my menu since I became a vegetarian. I used to love the stew with all the meats before I became a vegetarian. As vegetarians, it is hard sometime to figure what to eat, especially if you are on a budget. This …

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