It is about my travel and places that are great to travel to. I will be mostly talking about my travels in my beautiful country jamaica. Because i have not been out of my country in a while. So i will take you on my journeys to hotels and other parishes in my country.

The food here is really great. So i will be telling you about the many dishes and where to get the best. Also i will be tell you where to find the beat beaches.

I like to travel out of my parish, it is one of my hobbies. I will show you some  beautiful sceneries as well. Family friendly places, adult only places. Not everywhere is kid’s friendly, so i will definately be telling you where to take the kids.

Telling you what to take to get the most out of your experience is a must.


YS falls

YS falls, Jamaica

YS falls opening hours 9:30 am to 3:30 pm, closed on Mondays and public holidays I had a wonderful day at YS Falls in Jamaica a couple of days ago. I had gone there before with a group from the church but this time it was just me and hubby. We had a wonderful day. …

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driving safety

Safety Tips While Driving

make sure you have a tracking device and alarm on your cars. Please invest in a good alarm system, kill switch and tracking system. I have a safety feature on my car,that is not a regular safety feature. However the least amount of people who knows about your safety features on your car is better for you.