True meaning of christmas

“What does Christmas mean to me”

“What does christmas mean to me”

Christmas is a special time of year for a lot of people. One of the biggest thing is that people say that they are celebrating the birth of Christ. If we are celebrating the birth of christ then it would mean that we would be honouring him. How would we honour Christ?,by showing love and compassion. It simple means that our main objective would be to make others happy.

Do we really try to make others happy?. Christmas has become so commercialize, the businesses spend big bucks to advertise so they can tell you exactly what you want to have a great christmas(notice i did not use the word need) and then we in turn max out credit cards, borrow and spend off our little savings. We are so gullible, every year they catch us with the same foolishness. When we finished spending on all that we did not need, then we are covered in debt.

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Wrong christmas spirit

Most of the time we get these material things to impress others,WHY?. The persons who really care about us, what we have, will not matter to them. Then we are trying to impress some family members and”friends” we do not see until once a year, they do not care much for us and we do not care for them either. OH MY!!, then there is that neighbour that we cannot allow to out do us. You saw her get that big screen tv and you must get one; even though you are not a tv person. They are painting their house i need to paint mine as well, why do we feel the need to compete with our neighbours. Do you realise you are red-eye,bad mind, and jealous;these are not words you should want associated with your name.

I believe there is a bigger issue at hand when we do these things. We must feel inferior to others when we do not have what they have. When you go out of your way to please people you barely know and like, we need to take a step back and figure out what is going on with us.

If we are celebrating christmas in the true sense, then we would be volunteering at some children’s, elderly care  homes and homeless shelters. Giving of our time and money. Can money make you happy?

Right spirit for christmas

Now you maybe asking yourself if you should not take care of your house and yourself for the christmas. When you paint the house it should be because the house is in need of painting, when you buy the big screen tv it is because you need it;not because you are red-eye  . Do not buy clothes just because it is on sale, because a lot of times when you buy those clothes; they will be worn by the closet. Do you know how much persons out there are really in need of food, shelter and clothing, I  do not have to give you any national statistics; just look around you. We can deny ourselves of frivolous things to help someone in need.

Our children should be thought from early what is the true meaning of christmas. Last december i told some children that i was in charge of, that they would not be getting any christmas treat;which included their presents. Instead they were going to take care of the less fortunate, they were not so happy about the no gift part,but i was teaching them about sacrifice.

We collected the gifts and took the children to the home. It was a big eye opener to both the children and the adults who went, but can i tell you we had a great time with the boys,we played games with them and basically got to know. They were so excited for the gifts, i remember one adult saying to me thanks for the experience. I felt fulfilled at the end of our little visit. I  need to do it again soon, now that experience to me is what christmas is all about.

What the christmas season is about
Christmas Gifts


This is a huge part of the christmas holidays but guess what a lot times we waste the food. We eat until we are uncomfortable or take too much food eat half and then throw away the other half, what a waste, do you know how much persons do not have anything to eat on christmas day?. Listen to me, you can cook all the food and you and the family go feed some persons that are in need, wouldn’t that be nice.

For the last couple of years a group of us from church cook and serve food to the needy on christmas day, you would be surprised, the amount of people who do not have anything to eat on christmas day. We also give them packages with food items and toiletries.

I remember there was this gentleman, i had called him to come and collect some food but he said he had somewhere to go, so i figured he was going somewhere to eat;he confirmed that i assumed wrong when we spoke that afternoon. Do you know he called at about 4 in the afternoon asking for the food because he had not eaten. I had to ask my hubby to take it to him,now that confirms what i am saying there are a lot of persons who do not have anything to eat during the holidays.

Being true to yourself

Now i do not believe i need to spend time with people who do not care about me,and i don’t particularly care about either just to say i am a part of the christmas gatherings. I believe we should spend our time with those who matters the most to us because let us face it there are people who we do not like to be around;so why torture yourself during the christmas season. Me personally i have no problem being alone during the christmas holiday, if i don’t feel like going to family gatherings; i don’t go.

It is very hard when you cannot meet your basic needs but just imagine the impact it can have on you when it the Christmas Season. When you see almost everyone buying new clothes and you barely have any, it must be stressful. So much food being bought you and you have none. Just imagine, really imagine what that would feel like.

Look around you there is always someone in need, you do not have to have a lot of money to help. Look in your closet, but give what you would like some one to give to you and not what should be in the garbage. S hare your food either by giving a little food out of your grocery or inviting someone to christmas dinner. There is always something you can do to help. give a helping hand, that is the true meaning of Christmas!!.

Family gatherings are important as well, so don’t leave them out!!


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