Dunn’s river falls and park, Jamaica

Dunn’s river falls and park, Jamaica

As I entered Dunn’s River Falls and park, Jamaica there was someone there to give us instructions. We had to gather all the identification of the adults, so we could get the local rate; if you are Jamaican, please don’t forget your id.

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I took the children to Dunn’s River Falls and park, in October. The children’s area is a nice addition, with the slide and the water buckets. Most of the times the children had to be in competition with the adults for the area. All in all the area is nice and the children did enjoy themselves.

It is a little way down some steps to get to the beach area. The sea is coming further and further inland!! oh my. You have areas from you just enter where you can have a picnic. Some seats and tables are provided. I felt safe while I was there I saw a number of security guards and the lifeguards were very attentive.

I did not go to the falls but I heard it was great. We did not buy any food or drinks, but I saw a couple of spots that sell foodstuff. There were also vendors in the park selling Jamaican souvenirs. The bus park has sellers as well. They had beach shoes selling, so if you forgot yours no problem.

Dunn’s River Falls and park, Jamaica is a nice family-friendly place to go and hang out. It is for the adventurous persons, as well as the laid back. My day was spent making sure the children were safe and having a good time.

We had a little party to close out the day’s activities. Anxious for my next visit, I cannot wait. We have some nice attractions in Jamaica. Here are some pictures.

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Dunn's river falls and park, Jamaica
kiddies area
Dunn's river falls and park, Jamaica
kids having fun

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