When Your Faith Is Being Tested

When Your Faith Is Being Tested

When your faith is being tested it can make you question God. Have you ever gone through some things in your life and you start to question God? I have done it a lot of times. I like to reason with God but I have been told that it is not right to question I truly believe in my heart that God has no issue with me asking him questions. How do you deal with it when you have doubts about God.

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I remember a couple of years ago after I had just gotten baptized and married everything that could go wrong started going wrong. My dear friend accused me of something terrible and my mother turned against me. So I was confused, I just could not understand what was going on. “Pain of Lies”  

How strong is your faith

Angry with god

When Your Faith Is Being Tested; it makes you question your belief in God. For years  I was angry with God. I would ask why me? Am I so wicked? Do you really love me, God? Why did I baptize? And the list goes on because I was so hurt.

Asking God to fix it

I remember asking God to fix; let my friend realize what she did to me was wrong. Let my mother stop cursing me so bad for nothing. However, after a while I just said lord don’t fix it, especially where my friend was concerned; let her believe what she wants to.

Also, I just could not be bothered I just said lord they say you know best so I guess I deserve this.

Then you had the Christians who would say “God will not give you more than you can deal with”, he prepared you to face this and I would say “but I have not even been baptized for a year yet so how was I prepared”, in my opinion, they made matters worse.

When you are going through your storms, are you faithful to God?
How faithful are you to God


No one who spoke to me made any sense at the time. Some of them knew of the injustice done to me by my then friend and all they could say to me is “what she is saying does not make any sense” I can remember one person saying to me that it was wrong but he would not say anything to her because he did not want her to stop talking to him; that statement has never left me.


During all of this, I took sick really bad; this was after being married for about 4- 6 months. I was in and out of the hospital until I had minor surgery and got some relief. My sickness was so hard on my husband because he had to go to work plus take care of me.


Forgiveness is a big part of healing if you can forgive the person who has hurt you then you are on your way to healing. I still do whatever I can for my mom but the bond is not there. As for my former friend, things will never be the same. I can truly say I have not totally forgiven her. I am working on being more forgiving.


I always recall that I  was listening to Joyce Meyer one Sunday evening and it was like she was speaking to me directly and that is where my healing began


My reputation has not been restored and my mother is the same person. However, I still question God from time to time and I don’t believe I have fully recovered from all that I went through. But it is getting better as the days go by.


Do not let anyone tell you not to question God. Take time to heal from whatever you have gone through and don’t let no one rush you and remember forgiveness is a spiritual thing, you cannot just say I forgive; there is a process you must go through and you must ask for God’s. https://www.beliefnet.com/faiths/christianity/8-things-you-should-start-doing-when-your-faith-is-tested.aspx


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