How To Be Happy? Let us find out

How to be happy
Face of happiness

What is the meaning of Happiness?

Happiness is a state of mind,it is when you get that feeling that life is good. Happiness is a sense of joy and contentment. Happiness comes when your life is fulfilled. Being happy is a choice, because your life will not always be in a great place but we must not stay in the bad place. We must snap out of it quickly. Here are some tips on how to be happy.

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avoid negativity

occupy your mind with positive people and experiences. It is easier for us to dwell on negative things than positive things. I know that, i tend to dwell on the wrongs that have been done to me more than the good. Allowing these bad experiences to take over my mind is giving them winnings over my mind. Telling myself that i will not think about anything sad today is easier said than done. My strategy nowadays is to avoid negative People at all cost. If it is someone i cannot avoid totally, i minimize our contact. Learning to love some Persons from a distance, is what i am practicing.

People to stay away from to be happy
Goodbye negativity

So analyze your situation. If it is a family member who is negative and you must come in contact with them, limit the time spent with them, the same goes for a negative co-worker, spend the least amount of time possible with them.

Those positive vibrant personalities spend a lot of time with them, they will make you smile and that is good for you.

Different Outlook

Instead of saying “why did this have to happen to me” or “why bad things always happen to me” or “why me”. Try to get the lesson from it, ask yourself what can i learn from this. This is not easy to do, many of us just cannot bother; it is as if everything that can go wrong, will go wrong. The other day i was trying to figure out how to do something and i just could not get it. My first thought was “why does everything i do have to be that much harder than everyone else”,that is not how i should have thought about. I could look on it as me developing a little more patience.

Happiness quote

It is important that we  learn our lessons from our failures. Learn the lesson so it can help us tomorrow. Do not be quick to give up on your dreams. As i am writing this blog,it is a challenge for me. I am not tech savvy and some things others find easy is very hard for me. I am trying to view everything as a learning experience and developing my patience.

How to be happy
Happiness quote

Whatever you want to do, do not think it is too hard. Visualize the end product and you will view things differently. A positive outlook will make you happy.

Don’t sweat the small stuff

We have all heard that we should not sweat the small stuff. Letting oneself get stressed out over the little things in life will let us lose  focus of the big picture.

When something small happens that makes you want to go into a rage, compare the moment’s significance to everything else going on in your life; remember that we all make mistakes.

When something small threatens to destroy your attitude and positive outlook, think about the fact that everyone makes mistakes,forgive others.


It can be hard to forgive someone else when it feels like they have brought you extra work and stress. When someone rear-end you, forgive them. It might take up a lot of your time or you might be out of transportation, but just know that this is all apart of life, it could have been worse, someone could have died.

Forgiving others can be a simple matter in comparison to forgiving ourselves. There are many moments that we treat ourselves bad. When you are having a difficult time forgiving yourself, think of how you would handle a similar mistake by a good friend, ask yourself if it will matter in two years.

We all have problems,and generally at the time,any problem seems big. Perception is not always the truth. When something negative happens in your life,ask yourself if it will matter in the next two years . If it won’t let it go. When something goes wrong you have two choices. You can fly into a rage,or let it go. Making the choice not to sweat the small stuff.


Giving thanks for whatever you have is a great way to be happier. we must train ourselves to be thankful. No matter how bad you think your situation is, there is always something to be thankful for. “I cannot afford to buy that new dress to wear to the wedding”,i have others i can wear, so i must be thankful because a lot of persons maybe just have one set of clothes. “Oh i wanted chicken to eat and i am only getting tuna!!”,and i throw a fit, just because i did not get what i want,instead of being thankful i had something to eat,there are so much People starving in this world.

Happy couple
Happy couple

A lot of us have this entitlement attitude,this is what gets us in trouble a lot  of times, why we cannot be happy. If we believe that we should have certain things then we will not be grateful. When someone treats you bad it is not on you it is a reflection of how they think. So your boss should have treated you better,but he did not. Do not dwell on it just move on; but when we have the entitlement attitude; we will feel so disrespected and wollow in it.

Do not get me wrong disrespect should never be tolerated but we must realise that is how some persons are. In the same way you want other’s to show you gratitude, make sure you do the same no matter the mood you are in:

  • Thank You
  • Good MORNING
  • Good Afternoon
  • You Are Welcome
  • How Is Your Day
  • Smiling

Those are just a few ways you can show gratitude, i can guarantee, you will be a happier individual when you show gratitude.

Do not let material things dictate your life.

The love of material things can make your life unhappy. The things you go after in life should be because you want them and not because it will make others like you. Because we want a certain status in life, a lot of times we work at a job we do not like to gain money or we end up with a partner we do not love because of what they have.

Money and material things cannot make you happy,i(f money could make you happy,the rich would be happy and the poor sad). Here are some more info in this article Can money make you happy?

Money is nice to have,we all want it, but please do not let it be the main reason why you choose a JOB and PARTNER. Choose a job you are comfortable with and a partner that you can grow and be happy with. Your happiness should always be first, when making these decisions.

The partner you choose in life can make or break you, choose wisely.

Social Media

Social Media!! Social Media!! has caused a lot of us to be unhappy. When we see persons living a certain lifestyle,we sometimes get carried away.

What you see on social media  is not always a reflection of the truth, a lot of times people go out of their way to portray a lie, this is  so sad!.

Social media is where a lot of individual’s live out their fantasies. Please do not get caught up. know yourself and what you are capable of,just because you see someone on social media that you followed went on a $5000US trip you want to go on one and your pay is a $1000US, come on get real!!.

If you do not get real you will be following so-called “happy people” and you will be so unhappy. My advice is to take a break from social media when you realise you are getting carried away ;meaning you want to live a life you just cannot afford.

Choose what you take from facebook,instagram,snachat and the list goes on

The positive side of social media is to follow persons who will motivate you, who will help you to make money not debt. There are a lot of persons that will motivate you on social media.  Here are a few motivators  i follow. TERRI SAVELLE FOY. LISA NICHOLS. BRENDON BURCHARD. Those are just a few of my favorites. Find positive people to follow.

Get Clarity

How to become happy is to set clear goals, know what you want out of life . What are your goals and aspirations. Where do you want to be in five years,how are you going to get there,what is it that you need to do.

Make that first step; when you know what you want. The closer you get to your dreams the happier you will be. If you want to be a chef go to cooking school,want to be in business take some marketing course. Need a better relationship with your spouse, start a conversation,go to counselling, do what you must.

Do not let anyone derail your plans. When you keep focus then happiness will surely come.

What Does Happiness Mean To You

When you define what happiness means to you then you will be able to go for it. Be true to yourself no matter what. Let nothing or no one stop you from achieving your happiness. It is your GOD  Given Right!!

In conclusion ask yourself these questions?

  • what do i really want out of life
  • what does happiness mean to me
  • who do i need to forgive
  • have i forgiven myself
  • where will i be five years from now
  • is my journey leading to my goals
  • what have i given up on
  • do i show gratitude
  • what makes me happy
  • what is my calling in life
  • am i fulfilling my purpose

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