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Hotel Safety Tips You Should Be Aware Of

Vacation safety tips

 Travelling can be fun but you cannot let your guard down. It is amazing how much people throw away all the safety rules they would normally practice, whenever they are in a hotel. Travelling makes you a happier person

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Hotel travel safety tips you should be aware of:

Research For Danger Free Hotels When Travelling

However, making sure you are safe begins from the planning stage of your trip. Make sure to do a thorough research of the hotel and neighbourhood you will be staying in.

Check reviews and speak to persons who have just taken a trip to where you are going. This is very important, take as much time as you need.

But if you hear about something going on in a particular country, that does not mean that it is not safe to visit. All of us have something bad going on in our countries but that does not mean that it is everywhere.

So choose a hotel in a safe area. Do not be cheap and put yourself at risk. Best all inclusive hotel in Jamaica

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Travel Insurance Protection

For instance, a lot of us like to bypass travel insurance. This is very important, it must be apart of your budget. You never know when you might lose some expensive equipment or get sick. Don’t put yourself in a position where you spend a lot of money for a hospital bill or to replace your expensive camera, just because you are a cheapskate.

Arrival Security

Also, keep your luggage close to you. Do not let your credit card out of your site for one minute; we can get so easily distracted when we are checking in. Ensure the credit card you got back is yours.

 Secure Room

Upon arrival in your room, make sure to check in the bathroom, closet and under the bed(anywhere someone can hide). And make sure the locks are working properly. keep your doors locked.

Room Safe

Lock your valuables in the safe that is provided; if there is none in your room ask the persons at the front desk to keep it for you.

For example, only keep cash on you that you need; leave the rest in a safe hiding place. Hide your stuff in places where it will be harder for a thief to find.

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Hotel Safety

Out And About Protection

Furthermore, this is the scary part for me, we throw away our safety rules when we are on the hotel property. It is as if you think that there are no scammers and thieves at the hotel( I get carried away sometimes too).

Here are some hotel safety tips you should be aware of when you are out and about: 

  1. Be aware of your surroundings
  2. Do not consume too much alcohol (especially if you are alone)
  3. Be careful of the information you give out while talking to strangers(especially your room number and hotel if not on property)
  4. Equally important be careful when walking late at night on the hotel property. I don’t know about you but I have been in hotels walking late at night and felt a little scared because there was no one around. Treat the hotel property as if you are on the road, just read about a lady who got beat up in a hotel after she went out for a late-night snack on property.
  5. If you lose your key, report it immediately.
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Similarly, when you leave the property take great precautions to keep safe. 

  1. Do not stand out (wear clothes that will make you blend in and no flashy jewellery)
  2. leave your valuables in the hotel safe
  3. And walk with only one credit card and a small amount of cash
  4. limit alcohol
  5. Ask front desk workers about the right fare for taxis and safe neighbourhoods
  6. Keep a hotel business card on you ( if you get lost)

These hotel safety tips you should be aware of will help to keep you safe, nothing will work 100% but do your best to keep safe.

Finally, check in with your family and friends back home regularly.  Make sure to give them a list of what your daily activities will be like; just in case something goes wrong. 

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    Great hotel safety tips! When people travel, they assume they will be safe. The reality is danger can happen anywhere, even on vacation.

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