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How To Have A More Productive Day

How to have a more productive day? have you ever asked yourself this question at the end of the day; I have. Did you know that we have more energy and self-control in the mornings,  this is why we should always do the hardest task we have to do in the morning. To have a productive day, we organize and have great time management. When we get a good start in the morning then we will have a great day.

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I  saw this quote and liked it, it is not mine “anyone who understands time management understands that being busy does not mean you are being productive. To be productive you need to be actively working at reaching all of your goals and doing so in a manner as efficient a possible. That is what productivity is all about.

Here are a few tips on how to have a more productive day:

Daily planner
Daily planner

Prepare from overnight

  • Having a more productive day begins from you getting adequate sleep the night before, the quality of sleep you get the will determine how productive you are, try to get 8 solid hours of sleep. now most times i don’t get that amount of sleep and i get stressed out easily. Do some light house work each night; this will take care of you having to do too much house work at one time. Prepare your clothes and know exactly what is for breakfast and do what can be done the night before to cut down on the preparation time. You now have a great start


  • Next  always begin your mornings by giving thanks. Thank the lord that you woke up; may persons went to their beds and did not wake up. The next thing I should do is read or listen to something that will motivate me; I may read my bible or some other book that will inspire me and there are lots of motivational podcast. write in your journal the thinks you are thankful for and the things you want to achieve;it is said that when you write down what you expect in the future, it will more than likely come through.

Have a glass of room temperature lemon water

  • And have a glass of room temperature water this will help with your digestion and increases your metabolic rate, it also helps your immune system


  • For instance regular exercise will improve your mood and give you lots of energy. It increases the level of endorphins chemical in your brain making you a happier person and you will have more self-confidence.How To Be Happy? Let us find out

Healthy breakfast

  • In addition make sure to have your whole grains, protein and fruits. Stay away from processed foods. our heaviest meal should be breakfast and i definitely see why, i agree, because we need our energy level to be very high to have a product

No social media

  • Equally important avoid social media before giving thanks,having your devotion,drinking your water and exercising. How many times you say i am going to look at one little thing on Facebook and before you know you are on Instagram,Twitter,Snap-chat and the list goes on, time have passed and your whole day is messed up. The same thing goes for emails;they can distract you as well, check just before you are ready to set your goals. Either turn off your phone or put it on silence before you go to bed.

Set your goals for the day

  • By knowing exactly what you need to accomplish for the day it will help you to be more productive. Start from the hardest meaning the one that would require most of your energy and time. The more time-consuming projects you need to accomplish the shorter your list needs to be. Be realistic!. Always do the hardest project first, because in the morning you have more energy and are more alert.

No multitasking!

  • When you multitask you cannot give one task your undivided attention so each mission will take a longer time to complete. Doing one thing at a time will allow you to use your time more efficiently. There was a study done on persons who multitask,and it was shown that their brains did not function at its optimum level. https://www.verywellmind.com/multitasking-2795003

Manage your time

  • Also stick to your goals do not deviate. If it is possible set time limits for each task and stick to it.  Do not spend too much time on a task that is not going anywhere,move to something else and then maybe you can go back to the task you were trying to get sorted out. You do not want the day to finish and you have not accomplished most of the things you wanted to. Be wise.
How to have a more productive day
morning routine for a more productive day

Take a break

  • However if at anytime you feel frustrated or overwhelm, find something to make you laugh,take a walk, call a friend anything to take your mind off the task at hand, when you return to the task at hand with a clear mind,you will find the solution to the problem. If you stay there getting upset, you will not accomplish anything.

People pleaser

  • For example always wanting to please people will sometimes derail your goals. If someone ask you for a favor and it is going to take up too much of your time and energy and  is not inline with the goals you need to accomplish, please say no. It is better to have met your goals than not to;trust me you will feel frustrated. The person you did the favor for will be happy and you sad.

Celebrate your accomplishments

  • Furthermore at the end of your day celebrate your wins, big up yourself for what you have completed. Do not be too hard on yourself for the goals you did not complete. Evaluate the day and see where you went wrong and what you could have done differently,remember we are humans, we will not always get it right.
Morning routine
Morning routine for a productive day

In conclusion

It is proven that when you start your day off the right way, you will be more productive. I know!I know! bad habits are hard to break. Please take your time to develop these good habits in your life. Do not get frustrated if you are trying and fall back into your bad habit, just evaluate where you went wrong and fix it. Have a happy and productive life.

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