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Ways to Increase Storage

Ways to increase storage is always an issue. When you have enough storage this helps to keep your home neat and tidy. I looked at a lot of storage tips. So here are some of the ideas I gathered.

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Crown Molding



creative bedroom storage hack: mount a shoe rack into the wall

This hack will work best with heels. I love this

Bed with storage

 For instance make sure to buy a bed that has drawers for added storage, especially if your space is small.


Mostly use up your doors. So you could put a shoe rack or bag on the door. a towel rack… think out of the box.

Under your stairs

Leaving under your stairs empty is wasted space. So you build some shelves and use it to store just about anything: books, linen, you could use it as a pantry.


Make sure your desk has some drawers


The first time I am hearing of this one, store your sheets under your mattress(don’t know if I would try that one). 

Floating shelves

This is a great idea so your floor space will not be cluttered.

Add hooks to the closet wall

It is a great idea to add hooks to your closet wall behind your clothes. So this could be used for belts, ties, hats, purses.


Any extra space in the bathroom makes sure to use it up for storage. make sure to build cupboards under your sinks and floating shelves.

Household Vinegar ( cleaning hacks)

Hanging fruit baskets

you can use it to store just about anything: hats, glasses, ties and of course your fruits.


Above the door, shelves can make great storage

Headboard bookshelves

push your bed up against your bookshelf in your bedroom and you will a bookshelf/headboard combo.

Tension rods

use these to hang shoes, crafts, pants. Anywhere you have 2 parallel walls it can be done


Your seats can have storage as well. You could make a stationary seating area and use under it for storage

Hide keys

Hide your keys behind your artwork, just add tiny hooks behind your picture frame.

Stack cabinets

Stackable cabinets, nightstand gives you a lot of storage.


Keep your clean clothes in your suitcase, and in canvas totes. For instance, you can keep your dirty clothes in your washing machine.


Use your oven to store your pots. However, you can use the bottom part of the stove for storage as well.

Under kitchen sink storage

Buy storage bins to help maximize you’re under sink storage.

Storage bins are the best I have just started getting into the idea of buying them.

Storage bins can make life so much easier for us:

  •  For instance, using the three-drawer plastic rolling cart is great for storing just about anything
  • heavy duty containers can be used to store your plates, glasses, knife, and fork, especially if you are into catering and you have a lot.
  • Namely, heavy-duty ones can also be used in your garage to store sports types of equipment and tools.
  • Also, storage bins are great to store files
  • For instance, they are great to use in your bathroom. Can use to store toiletries, makeup, hair products…
  • If you are going to stack them or put them far out of reach, please use the see-through ones; it makes life easier.

 Also, store your file and plastic wraps in a mounted magazine rack.

 For instance, use a picture ledge next to or behind your bed for phones and glasses.

Use the space between doors for a bookshelf

Spice(unique ways to increase storage)

Use old baby food jars to store your spices, here is another spice holder idea


storage solution

Rolling Storage (declutter your space)

 For instance, making rollings crates to put under your bed is a great idea. Get the tutorial at

Ways to increase storage
Storage Box

This blogger used fabric to line a crate to store her kid’s stuff toys 

Tin can organizer

this is great for your desk to store paper clips, pens, letter opener.. here is the tutorial

PVC shoe rack.

However, this is a brilliant idea by Cookie Loves Milk. Also here is the tutorial.

However, I  am so amazed by this.

Ways to increase storage
Shoe storage



Pegboards are a great way to increase storage

assorted pen lot

These can store anything 


 Here to lots more ideas from make space, I got a lot of the storage ideas from them. Here is the link:

Some ideas come from The Spruce, House Beautiful and BuzzFeed

I also got some great ideas from

 Altogether there are a lot of ways to improve storage. So Use up the links I shared to learn more about ways to increase your storage.


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