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My Natural Hair Routine (Gorilla snot gel)

Is gorilla snot gel good for natural hair

So I have a natural hair routine for maybe about three to four years now. I have had natural hair for a couple of years on and off. Sometimes I just can’t be bothered and go and get it relaxed.

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Guess what I am not even sure what type of hair I have, it looks like a 4a, but I am just not too caught up with that. Here is my natural hair routine:

Natural hair care
Natural hair


I wash my hair every 2 weeks, I use basically any shampoo; the natural hair gurus are going to crucify me for this, and I do not have a problem.

Deep condition

Deep condition is done maybe once a month, I am using olive oil deep conditioner, it makes my hair look great.


I have a jojoba hot oil that I use sometimes.

Hair oil

Blue magic organics castor oil, is my hair oil of choice, I know I should not use petroleum in my hair but it is what I have been using forever and I do not have a problem.

Leave-in conditioner

Cantu shea butter, leave-in conditioner is what I am using, not a 100% satisfied but it does the job.


the gel I use is eco styler and gorilla snot, I did not like the gorilla snot at first but right now I am wearing a wash and go that I did with the gorilla snot gel and I am loving it(yellow bottle). I have tried other gels but I did not like them.

Protective style

My protective style of choice is braiding. I did weave on with a curly hair the other and I did not like it, kept it for about 6 days.


I rinse my hair black about every six weeks, I want to bleach it now but the stylist says I have to stop putting the rinse in there for a while, so when I bleach it I will get the colour I want

I try to cover my hair whenever I am going to bed. Chiney bumps/ Bantu knots are what I try to wear most times I am at home. That is basically my routine nothing special but it works for me.

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