love always wins

What is true love

The meaning of love This word is used out of context a lot of times, it is not funny. We have so many definitions of what true love is, whether we are talking about humans, pets or things. The belief is that love is a feeling we get, like butterflies in our stomach. Always being …

how you feel when people tell lies on you

The Pain of Lies

The pain of lies will ruin your life Childhood/Adulthood lies I am sitting here thinking about all the struggles I have gone through. How have I dealt with the pain of persons telling lies on me? My childhood days were bitter-sweet, I got some very harsh punishments that I did not deserve. As I sit …

big dreams

How To Overcome Feeling Defeated

How to overcome feeling defeated. I feel so defeated as I am writing this.  Working on some projects and everything seems to be going wrong. I just cannot get a break. I cannot let it remain this way. One of my biggest challenges is that I never feel that I am good enough. I am …