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Safety Tips While Driving

no texting while driving
no! no! do not text while driving

Safety tips while driving

How often do think about safety tips while driving? It came to my mind to write an article about this after my daughter called me 2 days ago and told me that a man tried to come into her car, while she was at the stoplight. However, her doors were closed, thank God. It is so ironic that about 5 minutes before that I was at a stoplight, with my windows down and I saw a suspicious-looking man standing there and all I did was looked at him instead of whining up my windows.

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This has prompted to think about these safety tips while driving, I hope they will be helpful to you.

Before you enter your Car

Before you enter your cars in the mornings, just do a quick check of the tires, water, and the oils. so long as you are driving a vehicle you need to know how to do these basic things. Wipe off your car glass; make sure the glass is clean enough so you can see.

However, this is very important, whenever you have parked anywhere and you come back to your car

  • Be aware of your surroundings, make sure no one is following you
  • If you feel uncomfortable about someone who is standing near to your vehicle; follow your gut( go away and then come back). If they are still there find someone to accompany you to your car.
  • Check your tires(make sure you do not have a puncture)
safety tips while driving
Car safety tips


If I drive at night I always park in an area where there is a lot of light and especially if I am alone I want to park as close to the entrance as possible. So long as you are parked near the entrance or security guard; if there is one, take a quick look and make sure none of your tires are punctured before you get back into your car. Do not linger get into your car as quickly as possible, lock your doors and drive away.

The same thing goes for the daytime, do not park too far from where you are going and look around your surroundings for anything suspicious. We tend to be careless in the daytime but remember a theft or kidnapping can happen day or night.

Lock your doors

As soon as you enter your cars, lock your doors. For example, we just came from shopping and we are on the phone talking, the car door is open and we are sitting in the car talking, remember when we are talking, we will be distracted. Lock The Door. Always close your car door before you do anything else.

Phones (very important safety tips while driving)

safety tips for driving
Not a great idea while driving

Phones are generally our main distraction while driving. Do not text while driving and limit your conversations to important points. Even if it is hands-free you will still be distracted, the more intense the conversation the more you will be distracted. Limit the use of any electronic device while driving.

Safety Device

make sure you have a tracking device and alarm on your cars. Please invest in a good alarm system, kill switch and tracking system. I have a safety feature on my car, that is not a regular safety feature. However, the least amount of people who know about your safety features in your car is better for you.

Visible Stuff

I try my best not to leave anything on my car seat. Because they always say do not leave valuables in sight, but I say leave nothing. Whenever a thief comes to break into your car, he/she just sees something in your car and he wants it. The thief is not thinking about if it is valuable or not.

Giving Rides

I do not mind giving someone a ride but I am sorry if I am driving in a lonely area, I am stopping for no one. Do you know that this is one of the criminal’s strategy, yes? So this is my advice to you, especially when you are driving alone, give no one a ride, they could be young or old, keep it moving. Better to be safe than sorry. Because you may see a baby mother with a young baby and you stop to give her a ride, by the time you stop to let her in, there is a gun at your head, these things happen to be careful.


Following these safety tips while driving is great, but sometimes bad stuff still happens. So make sure your insurance and all other paper works are up to date. Keep photocopies of all your documents at home in a safe place.

Females drive safely on the road
Female drivers car safety tips

Always keep your eyes on the Road

Make sure to give the road your undivided attention. Always keep your eyes on the road taking your eyes off the road for one second can be the difference between life and death. How many times after an accident you heard someone say “I just took my eyes off the road for a minute”. This is another great safety tip while driving.


My thing about accidents is to always call the police no matter how small or big. Too often persons say let us deal with it without the police or insurance and you are left standing with a bill for car repairs that someone else should pay.

But the accidents I want to focus on are the ones deliberately cause so they can get to you and your car. If you are driving on a lonely road or at night and someone hits you and you are alone, do not stop. It is the practice of may criminals to use this method. So if an accident happens day or night, be careful, if you stop, wait in your car until the police come or keep driving. For instance, if someone throws something in your car and you are alone, keep driving. Thieves have a lot of tactics to get you to stop your car, follow your gut, if a situation does not feel right, keep moving.

Being alert is key. The phones are our main distraction these days. Try your best to limit conversations on your phones whether you are driving or walking. The thieves know what to look for, so you need to be one step ahead of them. Another thing is that we are normally more careful at night than in the days. Car theft happens whether it is day or night. Sometimes it happens even where there are a lot of people, so be very careful whenever you are on the road. IF something does not feel good, get away from it as soon as possible.

Practice these safety tips while driving and keep safe. Here is another article I found with some safety tips https://www.safewise.com/blog/7-ways-avoid-getting-car-stolen/

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    This is such a useful, yet unique type of post. Texting and driving seems so common now, but it’s more like FB and driving, IG and driving. So dangerous!! Thanks for this.

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    This is a really good reminder! I think a lot of us have heard about bad things happening and then after a while, we stop doing safety checks. I never thought about checking the tires for puncture marks before and will do in the future! Thanks!

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