My Thoughts On Lent

Beginning of lent

lent is a time of meditation
peace of mind

Lent begins on ash Wednesday and ends on holy Thursday, it lasts for 40 days. However, it is mostly observed by Catholics and some other churches, not all denominations place much emphasis on lent. Christians who observe lent normally do a lot of fasting and praying, the main thing they would generally give up is meat. Also lent begins from March 6 to April 18,2019. Here are my thoughts on lent.

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In my opinion, these are a few things we should give up and never go back to after lent:

  • Gossiping


A lot of us love to gossip and we cause so much harm with our tongue. Sometimes we help to spread a rumor or spread something that is true but not so nice too far. Let us practice to tell others ” I do not want to hear”

  • Gambling

Also, gambling has caused a lot of us not to meet our demands

  1. bills have not been paid
  2. children going to bed country
  3. getting evicted

And the list goes on, stop gambling, nothing good can come from it. However, you might say but I win sometimes: how much did you lose before you win.

  • Meat

Meat is a big contributor to a lot of sicknesses we have, take it one step at a time and you can do it.

barbecue meat
  • Alcohol

So many diseases are linked to drinking an excessive amount of alcohol

  1. cancer
  2. pancreatitis
  3. liver disease
  4. brain damage

    bad habits to change during lent

Those are just a few

  • Over Buying

It is a fact that most of us buy on impulse. So we end up with a lot of clothes with tags on them in our closet or bag that have started strip. Shoes you have to throw away, that has not been worn, I am so guilty of this. Or you have to throw out food that has gone bad. Let make a pledge to buy only what we need.

  • Selfishness

Let us show a little more consideration for others.

  • Comparison

Stop comparing yourself to others, everyone’s journey is not the same. Be comfortable in your skin and love you just for being you.

  • Treating You Bad

We all need to take care of ourselves, there is only one of us. Get your adequate amount “Eat well today for happiness tomorrow”

  1. nutrition
  2. rest
  3. water The Importance Of Drinking Water
  4. exercise
  5. me-time
  • Toxic People

Stay away from negative people at all cost, they will drain you emotionally and physically

  • Social Media

Too much social media is not good for your mind, especially if all you do is watch other people’s so-called lavish lifestyle. Just remember a lot of what you see is fake. However, there are a lot of positive persons on social media; those are the ones you should give your attention to.   You can learn a lot of things on social media, to uplift you. Follow accounts that will motivate you

  • Delaying Your Dreams

Invest in yourself

  1. read books that will help you to harness your dreams
  2. start that business, you wanted to from last
  3. do not be afraid to spend money on courses, that will help you
  4. invest you, put in the hours that are needed to accomplish your dreams
  5. get rid of doubt

My thoughts on lent are that we should use this time to become a better person




8 thoughts on “My Thoughts On Lent”

  1. Avatar

    Interesting list 😉 As for social media, I was thinking the other day, you can get so caught up in watching other people’s lives that you forget to live your own, don’t you think? We really need to make more conscious decisions, regarding what we do with our time, our money, our health.

  2. Avatar

    I agree with you! If it’s something you’re giving up for lent, chances are it’s not good for you and you should probably stay away for good.

  3. Avatar

    This year our family gave up plastic! We are trying to live in a way that is more environmentally friendly and it’s surprising how hard it is to avoid single use plastic! Grocery shopping is an adventure, if not a challenge. One year I gave up nagging – my daughter loved that!

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