Travelling makes you a happier person

Travelling makes you a happier person

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It makes you happy when tou travel
Happy to travel

“We live in a wonderful world that is full of beauty, charm, and adventure. There is no end to the adventure we can have if only we seek them with our eyes open.” Jawaharial Nehru

Travelling is moving from one place to another. We can accomplish this by bus, car, truck, ship, plane, bicycle, bike among other means of transportation; let us not forget our feet.

Happy travel
Travelling quotes

Furthermore, travelling is great for us. Travelling will make you a happier person Here are some points, why we should travel more often.

Great for your health

Studies have shown that traveling improves your overall health and let your creative juices flow. When you travel you can take a break from your daily responsibilities; traveling leads to less stress. You are normally carefree when you travel; unless it is business-related.

Form new relationships

You are more relaxed so making friends with other persons is easier. When you are in a new environment you would want to discuss the place and plus you would want suggestions on where to go. So you’ll speak to persons easier. It is always nice meeting new and interesting people. Who knows you might meet a real live king or princess!

Personally, when I go on vacation I speak to persons quicker than if I was home.

Peace of mind

I normally have great peace of mind when I go on vacation; I am living my fantasy life! So I will not be stressed out. Travelling will make me a happier person.

Happy when traveling
Happy to travel

Last month my daughter took me to the Royalton Hotel in NegrilMy visit to Royalton Negril

IT was a very stressful time for me but that visit gave me time to be stress-free and found solutions for what was causing the stress!! travelling really does help. Travelling made me a happier person.

Life is a gift

When we travel and experience how others live. We will have greater respect for life in general. Appreciation and love for those memorable moments will be in abundance.

What is next?

I learn to deal with new things and situations. Whenever I travel to a new place, I go with an open mind because I don’t know what I will come across; no matter how much research you do about a vacation spot, there will always be surprises. Travelling helps us to think quick on our feet and find quick solutions for our problems.

Appreciate home more

I don’t know about you, but by the third day of my vacation, I am ready to go home, not to mention my hubby. We miss home easily.

When I reach home it is like paradise and I do not want to leave for the next couple of days. Staying away really makes the heart grow fonder.

Learn about new cultures

You can read about other cultures but experiencing it is another thing. Being among the real live people and seeing how they go about their daily lives, is a wonderful experience. A lot of times you hear how bad a country is but when you visit you realize that it is just a small section that is bad.

It is like where I live; when I tell persons I live there they always say “a bad place that” but where I live is far from what is happening but they would not know that.

Go and experience things for yourself do not take what others say as truth. Surprises might just await you.

Try new foods

Are you a foodie? Are you open to trying new foods? When you travel to a new place, please try real authentic food.

If you stay in an all-inclusive hotel, please for heaven’s sake go and get some street food and visit local restaurants. If you don’t you won’t get the authentic taste of the food.

I live in Jamaica and if you come here and stay in the hotels you will not get the real Jamaican food. I know I have stayed in hotels here, and the food doesn’t taste Jamaican. You need to come and taste the good old jerk chicken, ackee and saltfish, rice and peas, we have the best patties and the list goes on. Always try something new when you travel. Eating some nice food will make you a happier person.

Lifetime memories

I believe that the money spent to create memories is money well spent. Create memories that you and your family will remember and talk about.

Last December my hubby I went out-of-town for our vacation. We laugh about the good and bad experiences. We will always have those memories.

Have fun

Make sure to enjoy every minute of your vacation. Whatever you consider being fun do lots of it. Maybe your fun is to eat at all the restaurants, spend a lot of time at the beach; whatever it is do lots of it.

Personally, I like to try out the restaurants and just sit at the beach or poolside; I don’t have to go in. I like to see the tourist enjoying my beautiful country.

More to talk about

Do you like to have great conversations?

Moreover, travelling will give you lots to talk about. You might just catch a few phrases in a new language; surely this will spice up your conversations. The greatest thing is that you will not be relating to second-hand information. But you will be talking about what you saw with your own eyes and experienced for yourself. What a way to make the conversation more interesting.

Travelling makes you a happier person
Happy to be on vacation

Travelling to new places to have fun is great for our mood. Having a little bit of time or no money is not an excuse to not travel. You can travel locally you do not have to go overseas. There are a lot of free places you can go to. Use the good old Google to find new places and ask around. Go make beautiful memories it will be good for your soul.

For example, this is some research info about travelling and happiness.

Here a few important things you need to remember to make your vacation stress free:


Passport if your travelling out-of-town

Identification, whether you are traveling locally or overseas, is a must

Glasses: prescription, reading, and sun

The mobile phone you need to keep in touch

Phone charger


Camera: especially if the one on your phone is no good. You need to capture the memories.

Money, credit cards, bank cards

Travelling makes you a happier person
Business travel

“And then there is the most dangerous risk of all – the risk of spending your life not doing what you want on the bet you can buy yourself the freedom to do it later.” Randy Komisar.

Now go and explore and makes lots of great memories. Remember the good and not so good makes up the experience.

Also, remember travelling will make you a happier person




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