love always wins

What is true love

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The meaning of love

This word is used out of context a lot of times, it is not funny. We have so many definitions of what true love is, whether we are talking about humans, pets or things. The belief is that love is a feeling we get, like butterflies in our stomach. Always being in a happy place does not equate to true love.

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If love was about being happy all the time, then when our spouse and children upset us we could not love them again. If my pet damaged my best shoe, I would just give him away? I make the decision to love no matter what.

Love is about bearing each other burdens. I love in spite of not because of. There was a time when I got sick and my spouse stood beside even though it all, our savings were gone. I needed help with the simplest task. When your spouse has lost his job. When you have to downsize to a smaller house, can’t go out to eat anymore and you cannot go on that vacation you were so looking forward to and you stick around. material things are not the key to joy. answer this question Can money make you happy? 

If you love me, you won’t want to see me hurt

I would not intentionally hurt my spouse if I truly love him.  None of us is perfect so, at some time or another, we will hurt others. Sorry will come quickly and forgiveness will follow. True love does not hold grudges, you discuss the issue and move on. Now don’t get me wrong sometimes I get so angry that I do not want to talk about the issue but I will fight to get it right as soon as possible.

In my opinion most times we manifest true love with our children and pets easier than with our partners. The children get discipline and we move on. pets, they get away with so much but we are so hard on our partners

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Changes will come

Loving someone is about accepting the physical changes that will come about with time as you grow older. Your wife might gain some weight, get some stretch marks after having your children. she might not feel good about herself; will you encourage her.  She might love her new curves; will you love them too. He might start loosing his hair and get a beer belly, you can’t love him any less. Whatever it takes to make the relationship work, that is what you will do.

Signs you love someone

True love is comforting each other in time of sorrow

True love is forgiving

 And true love is kind in the midst of harshness

True love cheers you up when you are down

For instance, True love makes you a better person

True love encourages you when you fail

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Love no matter what

The bottom line is that true love is not about physical beauty; it is about living the person as a whole. Loving them in spite of their spirit, attitude, dedication, impatience, lateness…I just love the whole person, we all come with good and bad, none of us is perfect. That is what makes us special and unique individuals.

love always wins
love is the winner



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